How to Remove the Aerator on a Franke Faucet With a Pull-Out Sprayer

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Things You'll Need

  • Plate

  • Pliers

  • Rag

Franke manufactures high-end fixtures for both the bathroom and kitchen. One popular style of Franke kitchen faucets is the pull-out style, which combines a static faucet and a sprayer in one. The hose from the sprayer retracts into the base of the faucet, and the head, or aerator, slides into the end of the base. The aerator and hose can be easily pulled out of the base and used as a sprayer. After regular usage, it is necessary to clean the aerator, as hard water and solids found in your water will build up, blocking water flow through the aerator. To clean the aerator, you must first remove it from the hose.


Step 1

Turn off the faucet prior to attempting to remove the aerator.

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Step 2

Place a flat object, such as a plate over the drain to prevent the aerator from accidentally falling down the drain.

Step 3

Wrap a rag around the aerator to protect the finish and grasp the aerator with pliers. Turn the aerator counterclockwise to loosen.

Step 4

Continue to unthread the aerator counterclockwise and remove.