How to Scare Crows

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Things You'll Need

  • Dog

  • Prowler owl or hawk decoy

  • Audible device

  • Sprinkler scarecrow

  • Bird repellent

An imitation owl can scare off crows.

Crows are a nuisance to many people. They raid your garbage, soil your property, scare your children, make noise and eat your crops. They are social birds that travel in flocks and even though they create unsanitary conditions, they are considered one of the most intelligent bird species. Getting rid of crows takes some persistence because they tend to keep coming back. There are scare tactics you can incorporate to try to get rid of the pests.


Step 1

Observe when you notice the crows; open the door and make loud noise as you run toward them to chase them away. Make it clear that you are coming outdoors specifically to chase them away. Do this each time you see the birds, so they get the message that they are unwanted and will stay away.

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Step 2

Become a proud dog owner and encourage your dog to scare away the crows. The dog can chase away the birds. Monitor your property because the crows are intelligent and they may figure out a way to get around your dog to get what they want.

Step 3

Place a scary decoy in areas the crows frequent. Prowler owls or hawk decoys are imitation birds that appear lifelike. These birds can keep crows away because they consider them to be predators.


Step 4

Use audible devices to scare away crows. Audible devices keep crows at bay using a variety of sounds, including distress sounds that alert crows they are entering a danger zone. The sound scares crows away because they cannot acclimate to them.

Step 5

Place a motion-activated sprinkler scarecrow on your property. When crows try to land on your property, the motion detector senses this and activates the sprinkler, which squirts out water and scares off the crows.


Step 6

Apply commercial bird repellent to your property to scare crows away. If birds frequent your rooftop or window sill, caulk or spray the area with bird repellent, which is nontoxic but irritating to crows.


Bird proof your crops by covering them with netting so the birds cannot get to them. Eliminate garbage cans, compost or pet food around your house because these attract crows.


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