How to Re-string a One-Way Traverse Rod

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Replacement cord

  • Scissors

  • Paper clip or needle-nosed pliers

One-directional traverse rods can easily pull curtains out of the way of large windows or patio doors.

Traverse rods make opening and closing your draperies or curtains much simpler. Pull the cord and they open, either from one side to the other, or opening from the center to the sides. However, after years of use the cord may become frayed or unusable. Instead of discarding the whole rod, replace the cord.


Step 1

Before starting, determine the length of replacement cord needed. Measure the width of the rod and the cord drop. The cord drop is the length of cord that hangs from the drapery rod down the side of your window or door to the lower pulley near the floor. Add these two measurements together and double it. Add an extra 6 inches in case of error. Buy and cut this total length of cord.

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Step 2

Remove the old cord. Start by removing the rod from the brackets. Lay it face down. Cut knots on the face of the carrier and pull the cord out. Discard the old cord.

Step 3

Feed one end of the cord over the top of the left-side pulley, behind the slides -- where the drapery hooks are attached -- and to the master carrier, the main bracket that moves back and forth when you open the curtains.


Step 4

Feed the cord up through the hole on the left side of the carrier. Pull the cord through and tie a double knot on one end. Pull the cord to secure the knot.

Step 5

Run the remaining end of the cord up between the left-side pulley wheels. Feed it behind the slides and under the master carrier. Pull it to the right side of the rod.


Step 6

Take the cord through the middle of the pulley wheels on the right side, up and over the top of the wheel, guiding it back into the curtain rod toward the left.

Step 7

Run the cord behind the slides, returning to the master carrier. Feed the cord from under the carrier through the right-side hole.


Step 8

Make a double knot in the end of the cord and pull the cord to tighten. The remaining cord on the left-hand side is the cord drop and will loop over the lower pulley or tension control near the floor.


If your cord frays while installing it, tidy the ends with a pair of scissors. Threading through the holes will be much easier. A paper clip opened to make a tiny hook may help you grab the cord when threading it through the holes or behind the carrier.


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