Instructions for the Use of the Workmate 200

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The Workmate 200 is a product by Black and Decker that acts as a portable workbench, vise and sawhorse. The Workmate 200 is ideal for a home workshop as the parallel vise jaws open to 5 ¼ inches, which enables you to secure a wide variety of projects. The portability of the Workmate 200 allows you to work inside or out, and adjusting it from one application to the next is not complicated.


Step 1

Fold the legs up under the base to adjust the height to 23 inches for use as a sawhorse. Use the swivel handles to adjust the vise to secure your work as you measure and saw.

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Step 2

Unfold the legs from under the base to adjust the height to 30 inches for use as a standard workbench. Pull each leg out so it is fully extended and locked. Turn the swivel handles to close the two sections of vise together so you have a flat top to work on.


Step 3

Fold the legs under the base, and then position one foot on the footboard and press the release latches on the sides to fold the bench for storage. Pull the top of the bench up toward you and clamp it closed in the locked position.

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