How to Run a Pool Without a Skimmer

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It is possible to run a pool without a skimmer.

Running a swimming pool can be a rewarding activity, although it can require a lot of maintenance. If you suspect that there is a leak in the skimmer, or decide to abandon one completely, it is still possible to keep your pool clean, although you will have to do the job of the skimmer, which can require more work. To do so is a simple process, however, and will not require the purchase of additional equipment.


Step 1

Shut off the skimmer. You can have this professionally done, or if it can be isolated, you can switch off the power yourself. Be sure that doing so will not damage the pump of your swimming pool by checking in your user's guide, or speaking to your local pool supply store.

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Step 2

Skim the pool yourself using your pool net. This will need to be done once or twice a day. It may also be advisable to sweep and vacuum your pool once a day to ensure that material does not stick to the bottom. You should skim the pool immediately after sweeping. Alternatively, you can purchase an aquabot, which cleans the pool without human contact.


Step 3

Adjust your chemical treatment of the pool. Although skimming does not affect the chemical content of your pool, there may be a rise in algae or other microorganisms that previously had been removed by the skimmer. In the first week without a skimmer, test your pool every day for pH levels, and respond accordingly with a chlorine treatment.


Step 4

Monitor your pool closely for the weeks immediately following your decision to run your pool without a skimmer, and make sure that you respond to any changes that may occur. Depending on the location and type of your pool, you may decide that running it without a skimmer is too much work. If so, you can either turn the skimmer back on, or have one installed if you did not have one previously. In general, however, there is not problem with running a pool without a skimmer.

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