How to Decorate a Fortune Teller Tent

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Things You'll Need

  • Tapestries

  • Fabric

  • Tablecloths

  • Scarves

  • Rugs

  • 2 round tables

  • 2 chairs

  • Crystal ball (optional)

  • Patio lights or canopy tent lights

  • Light hooks

  • Battery-operated candles

  • Wooden boxes

  • Fragrance

Invite people to visit the fortune teller to have their fortunes read.

Fortune tellers are a hit at parties, carnivals and festivals because of people's curiosity about what fortune will be read. Entice people to visit the tent by adorning it with Middle-Eastern-style decorations, such as drapes or tablecloths in rich purple and gold, fragrant scents and candles placed around the tent. Once people enter the tent and pay their admission, they will wait to be seated with the fortune teller, who will read their palms or tarot cards to see what their future will hold.


Step 1

Drape the exterior of the tent with Middle Eastern-inspired tapestries in deep purple, emerald green and gold patterns, to cover the standard white or brown tent sides. These covers also help to enclose the tent to provide privacy for the people having their fortunes read.

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Step 2

Hang large pieces of fabric or tablecloths in the same deep tones inside the tent for wall décor. Attach sheer gold scarves to the ceiling of the tent where it meets the sides, and let them drape along the interior walls.


Step 3

Lay rugs on the floor in colors that coordinate with the tapestries, or in deep purples and greens to add to the atmosphere. Look for rugs that are for indoor/outdoor use, or purchase inexpensive second-hand rugs,in case the ground is muddy and wet.

Step 4

Place a round or octagonal table in the center of the room. The table needs to be large enough to seat two people, one on each side. Drape a velvet tablecloth in a deep purple shade over the table so it reaches to the floor. Add a crystal ball to the table if you wish. Cover chairs with gold or purple fabric to add to the aura of the room.


Step 5

Set a smaller round table, perhaps with a mosaic top, to the side of the fortune teller's seat. This table will serve as a place to put the money box and other items that the fortune teller may need throughout the session, such as tarot cards.

Step 6

Drape patio lights or canopy tent lights along the interior of the tent, behind the hanging scarves. Place light hooks along the interior of the tent so the lights can hang and reflect through the sheer scarves.


Step 7

Place electric candles on the floor of the tent for additional decoration. Middle Eastern décor typically includes candles placed around the room on wooden boxes.

Step 8

Burn fragrances or incense during the session. Typically Middle Eastern scents include cherry, citrus and lime. Place the fragrance in an area that is out of the way of customers so they do not knock it over during their session.


Hang a sign outside the front of the tent with the prices listed. Place a small bell outside the tent entrance for new customers to ring when they enter.


To prevent fire, purchase faux candles with battery-operated lights or LED lights.


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