How to Make a Fake Mummy

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • 6 sheets of white poster board

  • Glue

  • Person

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

Fake mummies can be created as a Halloween craft.

A mummy is a body that has been preserved. In the mummification process, the skin and organs do not decay like they would normally. In ancient times, people were preserved to be carried in to their next lives after death, according to their beliefs. Today, a fake mummy can be a fun and simple way to decorate your house for a Halloween party, to scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters or to make for a school project.


Step 1

Create a work area by laying down newspaper. You will need a lot of room, so this should be done on a solid surface such as a floor. Place one piece of poster board on the newspaper-covered surface. Cover half of the width of the poster board with glue. Take another poster board and place it on the glue-covered surface. Cover the other half of the beginning poster board with glue. Place another piece of poster board on the glue-covered surface. Allow the poster boards to completely dry.

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Step 2

Cut a poster board in half by width. Flip over the long poster board created in Step 1 and glue the new poster board halves to it. The halves should go on the two outer sections that are not of double thickness. After you do this, you should have one poster board of double thickness. Glue the two remaining poster boards together. Allow the glue to dry.


Step 3

Ask your volunteer to lay down on the floor with his arms crossed over his chest. Using the long poster board you created in Step 1, draw the person's body from head to toe. The drawing should be done in profile, the way you see the person from the side. Cut out the drawing using scissors. Draw the volunteer's body two more times, but starting at the shoulders this time and going down to the feet. The drawings should be done the same way as the one going from head to food. They should be profile drawings, sketches from looking at the side of the volunteer. Cut out the two drawings.


Step 4

Create cross sections of the person using the poster board created in Step 2. Hold the poster board up to the volunteer and create cross sections by tracing their feet, calves, knees, thighs, waist, chest and shoulders. The head can be made by tracing the volunteer's head using three cross sections. These cross sections should be oval in shape.


Step 5

Assemble the cross sections with the length of the body. Starting at the shoulders, create three slits in the shoulder cross sections to fit over the three body length pieces of poster board. Do the same for each cross section, working your way from shoulders down to the feet, then go back and create the head.


Step 6

Turn the unfinished mummy on to its belly. Cut long strips of masking tape and cover the back and sides of the mummy by overlapping. Turn the mummy over on to its back. Stuff newspaper between each box created by the mummy's cross sections. Cut long strips of masking tape again and cover the front of the mummy by overlapping.


Step 7

Stand the mummy up on its feet and start wrapping it horizontally with masking tape. The mummy is finished. It can be painted if you choose to do so.


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