How to Weave Ribbon Through a Wreath

Things You'll Need

  • Wreath form

  • Ribbon

  • Florist’s wire

Weave a ribbon through a wreath to enhance a holiday theme.

A wreath can be used for almost any season of the year. Decorate a wreath with spring flowers and colors for celebrations early in the year. Decorate it with stars and stripes for Independence Day. Pine cones and fall items can adorn a wreath for fall. Evergreen wreaths with holly berries and red bows add to the Christmas season. Hang a wreath on a door or inside the house or even use it as a centerpiece. No matter the occasion or season, weaving an appropriately colored ribbon through your wreath helps completef it.

Step 1

Choose a wreath form that enables you to weave a ribbon in and out of it. Examples of good wreath forms for this are those made of dried grapevines or wire. You can find a variety of wreath forms at your local craft store or in the craft department of other stores.

Step 2

Buy a length of ribbon that equals three times the circumference of your wreath. You can always cut off excess. Wired ribbon is a good choice because you can shape it to hold its form in the wreath. Choose a color or pattern that reflects the theme of your wreath.

Step 3

Insert the end of the ribbon into the top of the wreath form from the front side and push it through to the back. Use a few inches of florist's wire to wire the end to the back of the wreath form.

Step 4

Poke the free end of the ribbon through the wreath form a few inches from the top and draw it through to the back. Reinsert the free end from the back an inch from its exit point and pull it back out the front side. Continue this stitching method all the way around the wreath. You can make your ribbon "stitches" diagonal to the wreath form so that more of the ribbon shows on the front of the form. Leave excess ribbon on the front side and scrunch it into place for an abundant look.

Step 5

End the weave at the top where you started. Push the free end of the ribbon through the wreath form and secure it on the back with florist's wire.


Finish the ribbon decoration with a handmade bow at the top that will hide the ends of the ribbon.

Wire other items to the wreath to fill out the form, such as flowers for spring or acorns and fall leaves for an autumn wreath. Affix some of the other items on top of the scrunched areas of ribbon.