How to Bind Laminated Pages

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic comb binding machine

  • Binding comb

Binding laminated pages requires patience and the right equipment.

Lamination helps protect information and artwork from moisture and grime as the water-proof high gloss seals out these elements. Laminated paper also tends to be thicker than its shine-free counterpart, making binding the pages slightly slower. Still, the ideal way to prepare a booklet, is to laminate the pages and then go through the binding process. Binding should be done on a machine, which can handle punching through thicker paper and is designed for binding laminated pages.


Step 1

Test the binding machine's punching mechanism with a blank laminated sheet, to ensure that the binding machine will not punch holes too close to the edge. Place the left-hand long side of the sheet into the punching crevice, making sure to push the sheet in until it hits the interior wall. Pull down on the punching handle quickly until you feel the laminated sheet puncture. Release the handle and pull out the page.

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Step 2

Punch the laminated pages two or three at a time. Because laminated pages are thicker than untreated pages, only punch a few pages at a time. Start with the first pages of the papers you are binding and go through them in order. Be sure to line up the edges of all three pages exactly to ensure they will be punched along the same line. Place the left side of the pages into the binding machine, so that the pages will open in order like a book. Pull down on the punching handle swiftly and decisively until you hear the pages are punched. Release the handle and pull the pages out. Lay them to the side face-down.


Step 3

Repeat Step 2 with all the remaining pages you want to bind together. Make sure that the pages are in the correct order and return them to the face-down position beside the binding machine.

Step 4

Buy a binding comb that will matches the width of the stacked laminated pages. Combs come measured in inches. Place the binding comb onto the teeth of the binding machine with the solid back of the comb going behind the teeth and the small curly legs sticking out in front. Pull on the handle of the binding machine and the teeth of the machine should pull out the curly legs from the binding comb. Open the comb up until there is only a slight curve at the end of the legs where the laminated pages can rest as you place them on the comb.


Step 5

Pick up the first few pages of the laminated stack and turn them face-up again. Place them onto the slightly curled legs of the binding comb, so that all of the punched holes are resting on the comb teeth. Repeat with the remaining pages until all of the laminated pages are facing right side up and on the binding comb.


Step 6

Release the binding comb from the binding machine teeth by pushing back the handle. The machine should allow the binding comb to resettle back behind the solid back of the binding comb, creating a circle that keeps the pages in place.


Work slowly to avoid making punches that are too close to the edge of the laminated pages.


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