How to Get People to Vote for You for Homecoming

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Things You'll Need

  • Candy, stickers, bracelets and/or other campaign materials

  • Paper for flyers

  • Poster board

Becoming a member of homecoming court is something you'll remember forever.

Many students dream of becoming homecoming queen or king, but very few are able to come through with the crown. Contrary to what we see in the movies, you don't have to be the most popular kid in school to become part of homecoming court.


Step 1

Create a slogan. Creating a slogan will help people remember your name and give them a reason to vote for you for homecoming. Make sure your slogan is short and sweet, as well as creative and easy to remember.

Step 2

Campaign materials will help give your name and slogan instant recognition.

Produce campaign materials. Candy, stickers, bracelets and flyers are just a few ideas. With your name and slogan flying all over school, students will be forced to consider you as a serious candidate for homecoming court.


Step 3

Sell yourself! Be genuine, kind and never pushy. Stake out a table at lunch to hand out your campaign materials and decorate a large poster board to advertise your candidacy. Friends can help too! Put your best buddies to work and have them give out your materials and tell everyone how great you are.

Step 4

Informing your supporters of the election details is a step that can't be missed.

Advertise the election so that all your supporters know when to race to the polls. Let everyone know where, when and how to give you their vote.


On the day of the campaign, remind people to vote! Get all your friends and supporters up out of there desks to fill out a ballot and spread the word that you are No. 1.

Be a good sport. When the nominees are announced, thank your supporters. If things don't go as well as you planned, remember, homecoming isn't the be all, end all. There will be other times to strut your stuff. And most of all, have fun!