How to Troubleshoot a WaterBoss 700

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Hard water can make for a much less pleasant showering experience.

The water that runs through your home's pipes is one of two types: soft or hard. The type and amount of minerals found in water determines what type it is. Water type depends completely on where you live and where your water is sourced from. A Waterboss 700 water softening unit can transform hard water into soft water -- provided that it is not malfunctioning.


Step 1

Add salt to the brine cabinet on your unit if the water is not softened sufficiently. Wait for two hours before pressing the "IMMEDIATE RECHARGE" button and hold for five seconds. Test the unit again.

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Step 2

If no soft water comes from the unit, check the brine tank for sediment. If there is sediment, flush the tank using clean water. This should clear the unit and allow the conversion to soft water again.


Step 3

Inspect the wires and fittings of the unit. Make sure it appears to be plumbed in place correctly -- meaning all the inlet and outlet lines connected to the right spigots, with no bends or blockages in the hoses that provide the water.

Step 4

Check that the water level is correct in comparison to the salt level if there is too much salt in the water. If there is not enough water coming into the unit, there could be a problem with the hose or fitting of the unit.



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