How to Fix a Broken Egg Mascarpone Emulsion

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Things You'll Need

  • Flour

  • Hand mixer

Unless you fix the mascarpone mixture, your tiramisu won't be smooth and creamy.
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A rich, white cream cheese that's easily spreadable, mascarpone is a key ingredient in tiramisu. When you use it to make tiramisu, you generally mix mascarpone with eggs, sugar, whipping cream, salt and cream of tartar to make an emulsion. Because mascarpone is high in fat, it's common for a mascarpone emulsion to separate or curdle. If your mascarpone emulsion has started to separate, fixing it is simple.


Step 1

Remove your mascarpone emulsion from any heat source at the first sign of separation. When your mascarpone emulsion starts to break down, you'll see small droplets of fat at the edge of the container. Although you don't normally heat a mascarpone emulsion, a mixing bowl at room temperature may cause enough heat to separate the emulsion, particularly if the mascarpone is high in fat.


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Step 2

Mix in 1 to 2 tablespoons of flour and mix slowly. If you caught your mascarpone emulsion in the beginning stages of separation, the flour may be enough to bind the mixture. After adding the flour, slowly fold the flour into the mascarpone and heavy cream.

Step 3

Add a drop of heavy cream and blend quickly if your mascarpone emulsion has completely separated. If your mascarpone emulsion has completely broken down, it will look grainy and thin. Add a small amount of heavy cream and blend quickly, with a hand mixer.



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