Instructions for Dollar Origami Sharks

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Instead of origami paper, try making objects with dollar bills.

Origami is a Japanese paper art form that has been around since the 17th century. Origami objects depict any thing in life, and range from novice creations to advanced levels. An origami shark is one of the more advanced objects that can be created with origami paper. For a smaller version of the shark you can use a dollar bill. After you have made a shark, create a school of fish to add to your underwater origami collection.


Step 1

Fold the bill in half. Take the top corner of the outer bill and fold it inward to make a triangle. Fold the remaining section of the bill under the triangle, and fold the left and right edges of the triangle into the middle. Unfold them.

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Step 2

Open the pocket of the right side, creasing the outermost edge to the middle. Fold the top section on the left side to make one triangle on the right side. Repeat this for the left side of the paper.


Step 3

Fold the left and right sides of the diamond so that they meet in the middle to form two triangles. Flip the project over to repeat the step. This will form the paper into the shape of a kite. Open the pockets on the front and back to tuck in the four triangles. The paper will still be in the shape of a kite.


Step 4

Flip one side of the paper up. On the other side, crease the top triangle down. Bring one edge of that triangle up to meet with the vertical center. Tuck the end of the newly formed triangle below its opposite side.

Step 5

Fold the whole paper in half. Bring the middle triangle up to create a fin. On one side, fold the paper downward at the middle so that it is parallel to the fin. Fold the paper upward so that it meets horizontally with the body.


Step 6

Fold the bottom of the body upward at the crease where the tail begins. Do this for both sides, and hide these bottom tips inside the body.

Step 7

Fold two flaps on the opposite side of the body inward. Give them another small crease to make them shorter. Open up the pockets to where they can be seen below the body.

Step 8

Fold the pointed edge of the paper inward and fold the two flaps upward. Fold the tip of the edge out to create a head.

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