How to Make a Dog's Tail for Halloween Without Sewing

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Creating a dog's tail for a Halloween costume can be accomplished without a stitch of sewing and inexpensively. You may even have the materials at home.


Things You'll Need

  • Cotton or polyester batting

  • Safety pins

  • Colored markers

  • Pantyhose or knee-high stockings in a color that matches the dog costume.

  • Scissors


The type of dog costume the tail is for determines the size and shape of the tail, and there are significant differences between types of dog tails as shown at Doctor Barkman Speaks. A greyhound has a long, whiplike tail, while a Labrador has a stocky tail, and then there are sickle tails and screw tails and many other tails. If you want a curly tail, insert a piece of wire into the tail so that you can bend it into the desired shape.

Step 1: Preparing the Tail

Cut all the way across the top of the pantyhose, separating the legs from the waist panel. Discard the waist section. If you are using a knee-high sock, it may be just the right length already. Decide how long you want the tail to be by having your Halloween model stand while you hold one of the pantyhose legs. Cut to the appropriate length.


Make sure the tail is not going to drag on the ground where it may get stepped on or trip its wearer.

Step 2: Fill the Tail With Batting

Using cotton or polyester batting begin filling the tail. In a pinch you can even fill the tail with cotton balls. Make the tail as thick or as thin as you like. If you decide to go shorter as it fills up, simply cut off more of the top.


Step 3: Finishing and Decorating the Tail

Once you've filled the tail to its best capacity, simply tie a knot in the end of it, get out the color markers and start decorating the tail. Consider the dog breed and costume; for example, color black dots on a white stocking for a Dalmation tail.

Step 4: Attaching the Tail

Use one or two safety pins to firmly attach the tail to your animal's Halloween costume. Be sure to run the safety pin all the way through the knot before attaching it to the costume. Alternatively pin the tail to the waistband of the costume in order to allow the wearer to easily sit.