How to Make a Ring From a Silver Coin Without a Drill

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Soft cloth

  • Silver coin

  • Ring blank

  • One-part epoxy adhesive

  • Toothpick or craft stick

  • Jewelry box or 2 books

Turn an interesting silver coin into a ring with a few jewlery supplies.

Create your own distinctive coin rings using a silver coin and a few specific jewelry supplies. You don't need to drill a hole in the coin to attach it to a ring component, but the right type of adhesive is a must. Look for the necessary materials and supplies to turn a silver coin into a ring at local craft stores and online jewelry suppliers. Don't worry about ruining the potential value of old silver coins; you can break the seal of the adhesive with a craft knife to remove the coin from the ring.


Step 1

Dip a soft cleaning cloth into rubbing alcohol. Clean both sides of a silver coin with the alcohol-soaked cloth. The alcohol evaporates, so there is no need to dry the coin. Repeat this process until the coin is clean.

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Step 2

Clean the flat top of a ring blank with rubbing alcohol. Metal ring blanks are adjustable or sized metal bands with a flat top. They can be purchased through jewelry supply shops and online suppliers.

Step 3

Cover the flat top of the dry ring blank with one-part epoxy adhesive. One-part epoxy adhesive is available in a squirt tube. Transfer the glue from the container to the ring blank using a toothpick or craft stick.

Step 4

Cover the center section of the back side of the silver coin with one-part epoxy. Do not cover an area of the coin that is larger than the flat top of the ring blank. Wait one minute.


Step 5

Press the glued side of the silver coin onto the flat top of the ring blank. Move the coin as needed to center it on the ring blank. Press the two surfaces together firmly between your fingers for up to three minutes.

Step 6

Stand the ring band in a ring compartment of a jewelry box. You can also sandwich it between the ends of two books to keep the silver coin right side up and level. Leave the ring undisturbed for 24 to 72 hours.


Carefully run a sharp craft knife between the coin and the ring blank to remove the coin from the ring. Peel the adhesive from the coin with your fingers.


Wear rubber gloves with working with epoxy.


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