How to Make a Paper Angel for a Christmas Tree Top

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You can make a paper angel.

Angels are beautiful Christmas home decorations, whether hung on a Christmas tree or placed on the fireplace mantel. There are many items from which to craft an angel. Paper is an inexpensive material to use for this DIY craft. Yet, a homemade paper angel ornament can be as elegant as one crafted from more expensive items.


Follow this easy DIY angel Christmas craft tutorial to make a paper craft angel Christmas tree topper for your own tree or to give as a gift.

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Things You'll Need

  • Sturdy white paper

  • Round metal cookie pan, 20-inch diameter

  • Pencil

  • Decorative-cut scissors

  • Plain scissors

  • White paper doilies, 10-inch

  • Cotton stuffing

  • Gold ribbon

  • Craft glue

  • Clear tape

  • Gold glitter

How to Make a Christmas Tree Angel Decoration

You can likely find free printable paper Christmas angel templates online, but it's also easy to make your own paper Christmas ornaments.

Trace the circle for your paper angel craft

Place a 20-inch round baking sheet on a sheet of sturdy white paper. Trace around the pan with a pencil. Use decorative craft scissors to cut out the angel template circle.

Create the angel's body

Fold the 20-inch circle in half. Roll the folded half-circle to form a cone. Place clear tape along the seam to hold the cone shape in place to form the angel's body. Assemble the angel with the taped seam at the back of the angel.


Stuff and form the angel's head

Place a fist-sized ball of cotton stuffing in the center of a 10-inch white paper doily. Gather the doily around the cotton to form the angel's head.

Twist to make the angel's neck

Twist the doily to form a neck under the head. Tie an 8-inch piece of gold ribbon around the neck to hold the cotton in place. Tie a bow, then let the ends hang loosely to use later.


Attach the head to the body

Spread craft glue around the point of the body cone. Slip the head over the glue-covered cone point, letting the leftovers of the doily hang down over the angel's body to look like a shawl. Keep the ribbon ends at the front of the angel body.


Make the angel wings

Gather a 10-inch white paper doily at the center with a slight fan-fold effect. Tie an 8-inch piece of gold ribbon around the gathered center. Place the gathered doily at the center back of the angel's neck to form wings. Tie the ends of the gold ribbon around the neck from the back to the front. Form a bow with the pieces of ribbon left hanging loosely in an earlier step.


Secure the wings in place

Arrange the wings at the back of the angel as desired. Use hot glue or place small pieces of tape at the center of the wings to hold the piece onto the angel's shawl.

Decorate the paper angel tree topper

Finish the paper angel ornament with gold embellishments. Glue a circle of gold ribbon to the top of the angel's head. Spread glue along the edges of the angel body, the shawl and the wings. Sprinkle gold glitter in the gold.


Decorate Your Tree With the Paper Angel

Slip the finished paper angel ornament over the top of a decorated Christmas tree. Now, stand back and enjoy your handiwork and the rest of the season!



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