How to Defrost Frozen Spinach

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Things You'll Need

  • Frozen spinach

  • Colander

  • Saucepan

  • Pie tin

  • Microwave-safe bowl

  • Microwave-safe paper towel

Frozen spinach offers convenience to the cook but it must be defrosted before using.

Frozen spinach is packaged as whole leaf or chopped, and comes in flat cardboard boxes or plastic bags. It is used alone as a side vegetable in a meal or as an ingredient in a casserole dish. Spinach souffles are light and fluffy, while spinach quiches are more dense, but both are savory spinach dishes. There are many recipes that are made with spinach that has been frozen, but to use spinach in these recipes it must be defrosted first.


In the Package

Step 1

Remove the spinach package from the freezer.

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Step 2

Place the package in a pie tin or other container to catch any drips that come from the package.


Step 3

Leave the container with the spinach in the refrigerator overnight.

Outside the Package

Step 1

Remove the spinach package from the freezer and open.


Step 2

Put the spinach in the colander and discard the package.

Step 3

Place the colander over a saucepan or other container to catch drips as the spinach defrosts.

Step 4

Put the spinach, colander and container in the refrigerator overnight.


In the Microwave

Step 1

Take the spinach package out of the freezer.

Step 2

Open the package and put the spinach in a microwave-safe container. Cover lightly with a microwave-safe paper towel.

Step 3

Microwave the spinach using the defrost function according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Defrosted spinach is used in recipes that often require the removal of as much excess water as possible. Accomplish this by squeezing the spinach with your hands, by pressing it in a sieve or by stacking it between two plates and squeezing. Placing it on folded paper towels after you have removed the water helps get the last of the liquid out.


Refrigerator defrosting offers a cool environment that discourages the growth of germs for a period of time. Spinach can be defrosted on the counter top, but the longer it is left out the more likely it can become contaminated.


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