How to Change the Cord Direction for Verticle Blinds

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Double-sided tape

When you tug on the pull cord of a vertical blind, the blinds open by moving to the left. In the event you have furniture or some other obstruction on the right that prevents you from seeing through the window or prevents you from walking through the glass doorway, you can change the cord direction of your vertical blinds to have them open and slide to the right.


Step 1

Remove the screws that secure the headrail cover onto the headrail, then place the headrail cover off to the side.

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Step 2

Pull the vertical blind off the headrail mounting brackets. This process will differ slightly by model, but in most cases, the headrail attaches to the mounting brackets with long screws that go directly through the headrail and into the brackets. Remove the screws with a screwdriver.


Step 3

Place the vertical blind against the bracket so the side that was facing out is now facing the window, and secure it with the screws.

Step 4

Place the headrail cover over the headrail and secure it with the screws you previously removed. If the headrail does not have holes for screws, use double-sided tape to secure the headrail cover to the headrail.



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