How to Wrap a Cane Handle With Leather

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Things You'll Need

  • ¼-inch thick leather cord

  • Sharp scissors

  • Small plastic bowl

  • Warm water

  • Paper towels

  • Wooden cane

  • Finishing nails

  • Small hammer

Leather grips make canes more comfortable.

Wooden canes and hiking staffs offer support and stability during hiking trips and convalescence. They may also simply add style to a vintage outfit or turn-of-the-century costume. Whether you carve your own canes or have a beloved piece that you love to display, every cane needs a comfortable grip. Leather is not only sturdy and hard-wearing, it's soft and protects your hands from chafing. Wrapping your cane handle can turn a simply decorative piece into an equally attractive, useful tool.


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Step 1

Cut a piece of leather cord about 10 times the length of your cane handle. For instance, if the cane handle is 5 inches long, you need about 50 inches of cord.

Step 2

Fill a small bowl with warm water and coil the cord into a circle. Slip the circle into the water and hold it at the bottom of the bowl until it stops trying to float to the surface of the water.


Step 3

Allow the cord to soak for about two hours. This makes the cord stretchy and pliable, expanding the leather so you can handle it more easily.

Step 4

Remove the cord from the water and place it on a layer of paper towels. Gently squeeze the excess water off of the leather. The leather will still hold plenty of water, even if it's not dripping.


Step 5

Press one end of the leather against the top of your cane handle. Tap a finishing nail through the leather and into the cane.

Step 6

Wrap the leather around the cane, keeping the edges of the wraps together tightly. The wraps should be snug, but loose enough that you can move them up and down easily.


Step 7

Nail the other end of the leather into the cane handle and let the leather dry for about 24 hours. As the leather dries, it'll shrink and tighten against the cane. The slightly loose coils will keep the leather from pulling off of the nails.



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