How to Fold Paper Into Fifths

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The Japanese art that showcases paper folding into beautiful shapes is called origami. While folding a paper into five sections is not as complex or beautiful as a paper swan, it can be a useful skill for many craft projects and classroom activities. A great way to teach children about fractions is to have them cut, or fold, things into pieces. Folding paper into sections is also useful for creating bookmarks or paper accordions. By creating four creases, you can fold a sheet of paper into five equal sections.


Use a ruler to measure out equal sections.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pen

  • Ruler

  • Calculator (Optional)

Step 1

Measure the length of your paper using a ruler.

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Step 2

Divide the length of your paper by five. This will tell you how long to make each section so that they are exactly the same size. Use a calculator, if necessary.

Step 3

Place the ruler along the bottom of the page and mark off equally portioned notches. There should be four marks on your paper.


Step 4

Draw lines up the paper starting from the places you made your marks. Use the ruler as a straight edge.

Step 5

Fold along each of the lines to create five equal sections.


A standard piece of paper is 11" long. This means each section will be 2.2". Use pencil instead of pen if you need to erase the lines after you fold.