How to Spray Paint Electronic Goods

Things You'll Need

  • Steel wool

  • Masking tape

  • Cardboard sheet

  • Primer spray paint

  • Acrylic spray paint

  • Press-on lettering

A can of acrylic spray paint can make your old electronics look new.

Next time, buy the neon-yellow Ninendo Wii, or the bright-pink DVD player if it is on sale, because you can always spray-paint it. Spray-painting electronic goods customizes them to the owner's choice of color. Acrylic spray paint works on metal and plastics. Acrylic paint is commonly used to paint consumer electronics. With a few supplies from the local hardware store, you can spray-paint your electronics goods any color you want.

Step 1

Rub the exterior of the electronics item with steel wool. The steel wool helps remove the existing paint and smooths deep scratches on the exterior.

Step 2

Cover all inputs, outputs and screens of the electronics item with masking tape. Spray paint might clog the openings or damage the electronics components inside.

Step 3

Place a cardboard sheet underneath the items you want to spray paint. The cardboard protects the surfaces underneath the items.

Step 4

Take a picture of the components in the front and back of the electronics item. After spray painting, all labels will be covered with paint. Use the pictures as a reference for after painting.

Step 5

Spray a layer of primer spray paint over the electronics item. Let the paint dry for 10 hours.

Step 6

Spray a layer of acrylic spray paint over the item. Let the paint dry for 10 hours. Three coats of acrylic paint will effectively cover the electronic item.

Step 7

Examine the pictures of the electronics item from Step 4. Use press-on lettering to replace the covered labels on the item.


Use spray paint in a well-ventilated area.