How to Celebrate a 40th Birthday for a Female

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Create a festive 40th birthday celebration.

Celebrate your loved one's 40th birthday with friends, family and lots of laughter. 40 is a milestone for many women and sometimes it's the beginning of a mid-life crisis, so make sure to keep the festivities youthful and entertaining. Don't dwell on age so much as the best aspects of life. Gather your friends and family and get ready to celebrate a 40th birthday out on the town or at someone's house; location doesn't matter, as long as you're all together and having fun.


Step 1

Celebrate a woman's 40th birthday by reminding her of her childhood. Throw a themed nostalgia party. In 2011, the time period most remembered from her youth would be the late-1970s and early- to mid-1980s. Ask partygoers to dress in clothes and makeup popular during that time period and have the era's hit songs on hand to play on your stereo system. Play games popular while the woman was growing up to remind her of how things used to be when she was a young girl.


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Step 2

Play homemade games such as "How Old Am I?" or "Time Machine." Focus the "How Old Am I?" questions on the woman whose birthday it is you're celebrating. Ask friends and family to bring pictures of the woman from her past — possibly pictures from previous birthdays — and take turns guessing the age of the woman at the time the picture was taken. Clothing styles will be a big clue. During a "Time Machine" game, contestants will answer pop culture and history questions about events that took place during the past 40 years.


Step 3

Create a murder mystery. Use people from the woman's life to create a fictitious murder story line. Set up the plot at her alma mater — high school or college — or her current job. Include friends and foes in the story and ask each partygoer to portray one of these characters. Follow the plot line throughout the night until someone finally figures out who committed the murder.


Step 4

Spend the night out on the town. Gather the woman's closest friends and family members and spend the night hopping around the city or town in which you live. Include a nice dinner to start the evening and hire a limo, party bus or trolly to cart all of you around to clubs or bars, ensuring the evening will be safe with a designated driver.



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