How to Reset Sesamee Locks

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Sesamee padlocks locks employ a combination instead of a key.

Sesamee padlocks combine four-digit combination entry panels with the shape and functionality of a standard padlock. Instead of turning a key, users turn dials on the base of the padlock to show a combination code. Changing your combination involves entering your existing code, opening the lock and inserting the change pin supplied with the lock. You cannot change the code without knowing the combination or owning a Sesamee change pin, for security reasons.


Step 1

Turn the dials on the base of the padlock to show the correct combination, left to right.

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Step 2

Pull the shackle upward to open the lock.

Step 3

Swing the shackle so that it does not cover its locking hole.


Step 4

Insert the Sesamee change pin into the small hole within the shackle hole.

Step 5

Move the dials on the base of the padlock to your new combination.

Step 6

Pull out the change pin and close the lock. Your new combination will work immediately.


Write down your combination and keep it in a safe place.

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