Proper Way to Monogram Initials

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Give an extraordinary gift to a newly engaged couple or a new homeowner by having their initials monogrammed onto a gift item. Monogramming is a trendy way to personalize items for both men and women. The process involves using a machine to sew a specific design onto items such as towels, blankets and robes. Knowing the proper monogramming etiquette for initials is imperative when giving the gift. In addition, you should choose a font that you feel displays the personality of the person receiving the gift.


Step 1

Arrange the initials for a married or newly engaged couple. The woman's first name initial goes first, then the surname initial in a slightly larger font and the man's first name initial in the same size font as the woman. The middle letter, such as the surname, will have a larger letter than the outer two initials. For example, John and Mary Doe would be MDJ with a larger D.

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Step 2

Give a monogrammed gift for a woman only. An unmarried woman has two options for her initials. Write the initials of her first name, middle name and last name, in that order, on the item, or her first name, last name and then middle name. Like the married couple, the middle letter is always slightly larger than the other two letters. Mary Jane Smith could be MJS or MSJ with a larger S.


Step 3

Monogram the name of the married woman only using one of three options. She can retain her initials from her maiden name, remove her maiden name and use her married name, or remove her middle initial and use both her maiden name and her new surname.

For example, the maiden name of Mary Jane Smith could be MSJ or MJS. The married name of Mary Jane Doe could be MDJ or MJD. The married name with the maiden name could be Mary Doe (Smith) or MDS.

Step 4

Give a monogrammed gift to a man by including his initials on a bath towel or beach towel. Men typically style their initials in order. John Thomas Doe would be JTD.


Step 5

Offer a gift of monogramming to a new baby for the birth or christening. Baby monogramming follows the rules of the baby's first name, last name and middle name initials. It does not matter if the child is a boy or girl as the initial order remains the same. Mason Christopher Williams would be MWC. Kathleen Taylor Williams would be KWT.


Switch the initials around if they spell something odd such as “THE” or “END.” Avoid putting the full name of children onto items that will be worn in public.


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