How to Kill a Centipede

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Things You'll Need

  • Triazicide (or other chemical barrier)

  • Shoe

  • Sticky traps

Centipedes can be killed by squishing them.

Centipedes can be a problem in many houses around the world. House centipedes are hardy insects and thrive in a moist environment. House centipedes are poisonous but not deadly; if they bite they leave a mark like a sting from a bee or a mosquito. The easiest way to kill a centipede is to squish it. Whether you step on it or use an object to smash the centipede, this will kill them. Just be aware that centipedes move fast. To kill a centipede and prevent more involves a little more effort.


Step 1

Exterminate pests. Centipedes eat other household pests. If you exterminate other pests from your house, any remaining centipedes will leave since there is no food.

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Step 2

Have a dry house. Centipedes need a moist environment to live so make sure you don't have dampness in your basement.

Step 3

Set sticky traps. Sticky traps catch a variety of insects. Not only will the traps catch other insects, the centipedes will be caught as they try to eat those insects. This trick can also help you exterminate other pests by knowing what insects you deal with. Set the traps in corners near floorboards, which is the best place to catch centipedes.


Step 4

Create a barrier using a chemical like Triazicide. The barrier can be sprinkled around the outside of the house, around the foundation to prevent centipedes from getting in and killing any who try. A chemical barrier isn't a good idea if you have pets as they could eat some of the chemical and get sick.


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