How to Cut a Rubbermaid Container

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Things You'll Need

  • Solid surface

  • Dry-erase marker

  • Razor knife

  • File

Cutting a Rubbermaid bin

People choose Rubbermaid products because they are high quality, durable, and they last for years. Their high quality construction is what makes them so hard to cut into when you want to alter the design or shape of your Rubbermaid container. It is possible to cut into one of these containers, but it takes a little bit of skill, and some careful planning.


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Step 1

Place the Rubbermaid container on a solid surface so that it won't move around or slip out from under you. This will help you get the most accurate results, and will also make the project safer. Draw the area that you want to cut on the container with a dry-erase marker, and measure it to be sure that it is the correct size or shape you want to cut.

Step 2

With the razor knife, cut into the container by first cutting one side of the shape that you are removing. Then go to the opposite side of your first cut, and do that side. It is best not to do adjacent sides first, in order to get more controlled cuts. If you are cutting a circle then this won't apply.


Step 3

Take the shape out of the container in one piece so it is easy to dispose of, being careful not to cut your hand. Measure the cutout area again to be sure that it is the right size. Fix any mistakes or errors with the razor knife, and make any necessary adjustments until it suits your needs.

Step 4

File the perimeter edges of the cutout down until they are smooth, without altering the shape of the area. This will prevent people or animals from cutting or scraping themselves if the container is going to be handled often. Wash the container and the cutting surface when you are finished to get rid of any debris or dust.


Use a smaller razor knife blade for smaller containers.