How to Crochet Ruffle Edges

Ruffle edging is an easy crochet technique suitable for finishing baby blankets, afghans, sleeves (and anything else you can think of) with a fancy flair. Although there are variations of the ruffle edging, most patterns use only a basic double crochet stitch to make the ruffle, so even beginners can conquer this forgiving technique.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Crochet hook in either the same size used as in the pattern or larger


Some crocheters find that the ruffles look better when a larger crochet hook is used than what the item was originally crocheted with. This is purely personal preference.

Step 1

Before beginning the ruffle edge, first make sure that you have a single crochet border going around all of the edges.

Step 1: Prepare boarder. (Image: Makenzie Pearson)

Step 2

Join the color to be used for the ruffle edge and chain 3 (this counts as the first double crochet). Then crochet 2 double crochets (dc) in the same stitch. You now have 2 double crochets and the chain-3 all in one stitch.

Step 2: Chain 3. (Image: Makenzie Pearson)
2 dc in same stitch as ch 3. (Image: Makenzie Pearson)


Patterns might say to crochet three or four double crochets in each stitch, while others say up to as many as six. This is personal preference. Use fewer for a more relaxed ruffle and more for a tightly packed ruffle.

Step 3

In the next stitch, crochet 3 dc and repeat this until you reach a corner stitch. In the corner stitch, double the number of dc you have been making in each stitch. In this case, 3 dc are going in to each regular stitch, so in the corner stitch there will be 6. This ensures that the ruffled look will continue in the corners.

Doubling the dc in the corner stitch. (Image: Makenzie Pearson)

Step 4

Continue this pattern around until you reach the starting chain-3. Slip stitch to the top of the chain-3 and fasten off. Ruffle edging complete.

Step 4: Ruffle Edging Complete (Image: Makenzie Pearson)

Double Ruffle Edging

For added charm and frill to a project, double ruffle edging is another option. This is creating two layers of ruffle edging for extra thick ruffle. The layers could be different colors for even more flair.

Step 1

To crochet double ruffle edging, first make sure the project has a single crochet border all around the edges.

Step 2

To create the bottom layer of ruffle edging, follow the steps for the ruffle edging above but crochet in the back loop only.

Step 3

To create your top layer of ruffle edging, follow the ruffle edging steps, but crochet in the front loop only. Now your double ruffle crocheting is finished.

Step 3: Double Ruffle complete! (Image: Makenzie Pearson)

Patterns That Use Ruffle Edging

Patterns That Use Double Ruffle Edging

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