How to Fix a Frayed End on a US Flag

The American flag is a symbol of freedom for the United States and displays 13 stripes correlating to the original 13 colonies and 50 white stars resembling the 50 states. There are specific rules and regulations that should be followed when hanging an American flag from a pole outside your establishment or your home. Flags may be repaired if the repair does not alter the dimensions of the flag. If your flag is frayed at one end and is the damage is not serviceable, consider surrendering your flag to the local chapter of the American Legion, the Girl Scouts or a Boy Scout troop for disposal.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Waxed paper

  • Fabric adhesive

Step 1

Remove the flag from its pole outside and lay it flat on your work surface. Inspect the fraying area to decide whether the flag can be repaired. Any fraying that lessens the original dimensions of the flag may not be fixed. But if only the hem has been damaged and the fraying is minimal, repair is an option.

Step 2

Lay a piece of waxed paper underneath the fraying area and squirt a thin layer of fabric adhesive over the fraying area.

Step 3

Spread the adhesive across the frays with your finger, ensuring there is enough solution to adhere the fraying fabric together and form a bond of new fabric.

Step 4

Wash your hands to remove the adhesive. Wait three minutes and remove the flag from the waxed paper. The flag should be dry and the solution should be clear.


Fabric adhesives, such as Tear Mender, are machine washable and waterproof so you don't have to worry about repairing the frayed section of the flag again.

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