How to Braid Rope

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Things You'll Need

  • Flax twine, medium-weight

  • Shears

  • Vice

Make your own rope using craft supplies.

Braided rope is extremely durable and strong, and has been used for both domestic and industrial purposes for hundreds of years. Although braided rope can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store, long ago it was not commercially produced. Instead, people made braided rope by hand. You can try your hand at making your own braided rope, which can then be used in whatever home improvement or handyman project you have around your house.


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Step 1

Cut 5 pieces of medium-weight flax twine to measure 60 inches long. Using 5 pieces of twine will create a rope that will be more durable than one created with only 3 pieces of twine.

Step 2

Clamp 1 end of all 5 pieces of twine into a vice. Decide on 1 piece to become the middle of the finished rope.

Step 3

Separate the other 4 pieces of twine into groups of 2. Position 1 of the groups above the center twine and the other group below the center twine.


Step 4

Wrap the top 2 pieces of twine around the outside of the center twine in opposite directions, bringing them around to the back of the center twine.

Step 5

Wrap the 2 pieces in the back of the center twine around the outside of the center twine in opposite directions, bringing them to the front. This will complete 1 round of braiding.

Step 6

Repeat this process until you have completely braided the 4 pieces of twine around the center piece of twine. Tie the ends of the braided rope with small pieces of twine, then remove the rope from the vice.