How to Draw a Puddle

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Puddles refect surrounding architecture.

Drawing a puddle shares many principles with drawings of any type of water. Whether drawing a placid lake, a full kitchen sink or a puddle of rain, the artist suggests a watery surface by capturing its reflective quality. To convey the smooth, liquid texture of water, avoid shading with lines. Instead, turn your pencil tip on its side for soft shading. To differentiate your puddle from other types of water drawings, create an irregular boundary around the water, and keep the puddle size small.


Step 1

Draw a large oval, oriented horizontally on your page.

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Step 2

Draw over this oval shape with a waving irregular line around the edge, making a distorted, irregular shape. This completes the outline of the puddle.

Step 3

Shade inside of the puddle by turning your pencil on its side and filling in the puddle with horizontal strokes.

Step 4

Darken the bottom of the puddle by applying pressure to your pencil.

Step 5

Stroke over the puddle in long, curving motions with your eraser to create highlights in the surface of the water.


Use soft, blurry shadows inside of the puddle, keeping the surface smooth.

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