How to Make Pandora's Box

The story of Pandora's box is the Greek mythological tale of the first woman on earth, created by the gods. She was given a box and told not to open it. When curiosity got the best of her, she opened it and all the evil and hardships that were contained in it came out. This project can help teach the mythological story.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box with a cover (like a large shoebox)

  • Magazines

  • Paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Glue

  • Glitter (optional)

  • Found objects (optional)

  • Tinsel

Step 1

Paint the outside of the box, including the cover, whatever main color you'd like to have. Once the outside is dry, paint the inside of the box a contrasting color. The inside of the box is where all of the negative images will be seen, so pick a color that represents that. Allow the inside to dry.

Step 2

Cut out images from magazines, and put them in 2 different categories: good or lovely, and bad or evil. The good images will go on the outside of the box, and the bad things will go on the inside of the box. With glue, apply images to their corresponding places to create a collage on both sides. Make the outside nice and symmetrical and the inside more chaotic. You can apply glitter or found objects to make it stand out more, if you like.

Step 3

Glue the tinsel to the inside cover of the box on the edges. When opening the box it will give an effect of something coming out as the box is opened.

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