How to Tie a Ribbon Around a Mason Jar to Hang on a Shepard's Hook

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Things You'll Need

  • Silk ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Construction adhesive

  • Mason jars

  • Shepherd's hooks

Mason jars are for more than canning.

The days of mason jars being strictly utilitarian are over. The shape of these jars make them perfect for decorating projects used in celebrations like outdoor graduations, weddings or parties. Choose silk ribbon in colors that coordinate with the specific event to hang the jars on shepherd's hooks. Fill the mason jars with tea light candles or fresh flowers.


Step 1

Cut a section of ribbon 2 feet long.

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Step 2

Place a generous dab of construction adhesive on opposite side of the mason jar. Put the adhesive on two sides of the ridged portion of the jar where the lid screws on, making sure they're opposite each other.

Step 3

Press the ends of the ribbon handle into the adhesive. Make sure the adhesive and the ribbon forms to the ridges in the jar for extra stability.

Step 4

Cut another length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the mason jar at the ridged area where the lid screws on at least three times. When this ribbon is glued in place, it covers the raw edges of the ribbon handle and provides added strength to the ribbon handle.


Step 5

Lay a line of construction adhesive all the way around the ridged portion of the jar.

Step 6

Start the ribbon on the back of the jar and wrap it around the jar, pressing it into the adhesive. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of the end of the ribbon to secure it into place. Let the jar dry overnight so the construction adhesive is completely dry.

Step 7

Loop the ribbon handle over the shepherd's hook.


Lengthen or shorten the ribbon by which the jar hangs to suit your specific needs.


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