How to Make Your Own Earbud Hook

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 Paperclips

  • Epoxy putty

The long, thin part of the earbud connects to a homemade set of earbud hooks.

Earbuds are the smaller version of media player headphones that are inserted into the ear canal instead of enveloping the ear like normal headphones. Earbud hooks are popular among runners and other athletes as the hook keeps the earbud from being pulled out during physical activity. If your earbuds do not come with hooks, you can make a cheap set yourself.


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Step 1

Straighten out two paperclips and reshape them into a long "U." Place the "U" shape on your ear and bend the paperclip to the shape of the earlobe.

Step 2

Mix the two parts of the epoxy resin together to activate the hardening chemical. Stick the end of the earbud that is connected to the cord into a dime-sized amount of epoxy putty.

Step 3

Stick the open end of the paperclip hook into the epoxy putty, straddling the earbud's cord connection piece.


Step 4

Wrap the rest of the epoxy around the portion of the earbud and paperclip that are in the epoxy.

Step 5

Allow the epoxy to set for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Step 6

Repeat this process for each earbud hook. To apply, insert the earbud into your ear canal and wrap the hook around the upper portion of the ear lobe.