Hanging Wreaths With Ribbon

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Things You'll Need

  • Wide-edged ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Thumbtacks or nails

Wreaths are a timeless craft and decorating option for any special occasion; hang them inside or outside your home using colorful ribbon as an alternate to traditional wreath hangers. By hanging a wreath with ribbon, you are not only giving yourself the option to hang it as low or high as you like, but you are also adding an additional decorative element to the wreath itself. Ribbon is a wonderful addition to any handmade or store-bought wreath.


Step 1

Choose a wide-edged ribbon that coordinates with your wreath. Utilize colors that compliment the wreath style. For instance, a Halloween wreath made with black flowers would look great hung by an orange ribbon.

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Step 2

Cut a long piece of ribbon from the spool; the size depends on how far down on the door or wall you want the wreath to hang. To get an approximate size, hold the ribbon from where it will be attached to the door down to where you want the top of the wreath; double that length, and add an additional 6 inches to it.


Step 3

Fold the ribbon in half to make a crease at the halfway point and unfold. Wrap it around the top of your wreath with the crease directly underneath the wreath, so it is not visible. Hold the top edges of the ribbon, and place them on the top of your open door; then secure to the door with thumbtacks. To attach it to a wall, use thumbtacks against the wall where you want to hang it from.


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