How to Make a Silk Flame

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Things You'll Need

  • Metal coffee can

  • Can opener

  • Drill

  • Dowels

  • Hand saw

  • Small fan

  • Chalk

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Orange and red spotlights

Silk flames mimic the look of fire.

The orange glow and dancing flames of a fire can be hypnotizing. There may be times where you desire the look of a fire but can't light a real one because of safety reasons. Whether you live in an apartment with an unusable fireplace or need to duplicate the look of fire on stage for a play, rigging silk flames to a fan can create the desired effect.


Step 1

Remove the bottom lid from a metal coffee can with a can opener.

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Step 2

Drill two holes through the side of the coffee can, extending to the other side.

Step 3

Stick a dowel through each of the holes and cut off any excess with a hand saw. This forms the fan mount.


Step 4

Place a small fan in the interior of the coffee can, using the dowels for support. Thread the plug through the bottom so it sticks outside of the fan.

Step 5

Use chalk to draw a triangle shape onto a piece of white silk. Make the base of the triangle 4 cm. larger than the widest point of the coffee can. Cut out the shape with scissors.


Step 6

Attach the silk to the coffee can. Place two dots of glue on opposite sides of the coffee can. Press the ends of the triangle base into place. Use rubber cement or urethane glue for the most secure option. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Step 7

Place the silk flame in your desired location and aim several small orange and red spotlights at it. Plug the fan in and turn the lights on to create the appearance of fire.



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