How to Make a Taco Holder

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Things You'll Need

  • Breakfast cereal box or similar thin rigid card board

  • Scissors

  • Putty adhesive

Avoid broken shells and unnecessary mess by making a homemade taco holder.

A homemade taco holder is simple and effective way to avoid the mess of broken shells and spilled filling. With a homemade holder, tacos no longer have to be made one at a time, or left laying on one side for all the filling to fall out. A taco holder can be made to accommodate almost any number of shells. Follow the steps below to make your own taco holder.


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Step 1

Cut the card so that it is a long strip, with a width roughly equal to half the length of a taco shell.

Step 2

Fold the card in to a long accordion shape so that it forms a series of adjacent triangles. the shells will be rest between these triangles, so that the shells rise slightly higher than the cardboard holder. The outer sides of the accordion shape should rise upward like the side of a W.


Step 3

Place putty adhesive on the inside of the card at each end and stick it firmly to the piece inside, so that each end is now like an M, but with the sides doubled over and weighted by the putty adhesive.

Step 4

Push the accordion together and place it under something heavy and flat to force it to compress.


Step 5

Place the long card accordion on the plate and fill each ridge with a taco shell. The putty adhesive should hold the end sections in and weigh them down, helping the card to hold its shape.

Step 6

Fill each shell with filling and serve up the tacos so that they can be eaten as required.


To help maintain the accordion shape while using the holder, take shells from the outside and work inwards, eating the central taco last.