How to Shoot Elastomeric Paint Through a Spray Rig

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Things You'll Need

  • Canvas drop cloths

  • Masking paper

  • Painter's masking tape

  • Gas can

  • Unleaded gasoline

  • Gas-powered spray rig

  • .021 spray tip

  • Elastomeric paint

  • 5-gallon bucket

  • Water

  • Wooden stir stick

Elastomeric paint is a very thick elastic coating well-suited for exterior surfaces that expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. If you plan to finish an exterior surface with elastomeric paint, you can hasten the process by using a spray rig. Unfortunately, elastomeric paint is too thick for many, less powerful spray rigs. Learn the proper way to prepare the rig so it will be able to pump the paint through, or you'll end up with clogs and splattering due to poor flow.


Step 1

Spread canvas drop cloths underneath the area you plan to paint. Shield adjacent surfaces from elastomeric paint overspray by covering them with masking paper and painter's tape.

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Step 2

Fill the gas-powered spray rig with unleaded gasoline. Remove the filters from the pump and spray gun, or they will inhibit the elastomeric paint's ability to pass through the system.

Step 3

Equip the spray gun with a .021 spray tip. Do not use a .015 tip, or the elastomeric paint may not be able to adequately pass through.

Step 4

Pour four gallons of elastomeric paint into a plastic 5-gallon bucket. Add a half-gallon of clean tap water. Stir the diluted elastomeric paint for no less than 5 minutes, using a wooden stirring stick.


Step 5

Dip the pump into the diluted elastomeric paint. Start the spray rig. Apply the elastomeric paint to the surface, using the spray gun. Spray in a side-to-side motion, moving left to right. Prevent sagging by maintaining 18 inches between the surface and spray gun tip.


Do not leave the filters in the gun or pump, or the thick elastomeric paint will clog them.

Electric-powered spray rigs may not prove powerful enough to force elastomeric paint through the spray gun. For best results, use a gas-powered rig.


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