How to Remove Graber Blinds for Maintenance

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There are several reasons you might want to remove your Graber blinds for maintenance. For example, a string could break on the blind. Removing the blind makes it easier to repair. You could desire to deep-clean your blinds, and removal will allow you go get in-depth with your cleaning without stretching your arms above your head for long periods. Graber makes different styles of blinds, but most of them use the same type of mounting brackets, so removing a Graber blind from its mounting brackets is essentially the same for most models.


Step 1

Retract the Graber blind into the upright position. This means, when you look through the window, the blind does not obstruct your view.

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Step 2

Grasp the blind's headrail and footrail with both hands. Position your hands, one at each end of the blind.

Step 3

Pull the backside of the blind, the side closest to the window, downward and away from the mounting bracket, and then pull the blind toward you to remove the blind from the front side of the bracket.

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