How to Fix an Unravelling Sweater

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When fixing a sweater that has begun to unravel, make the repair as soon as possible.

When a spot on your favorite sweater begins to unravel, you don't have to throw it out. Chances are it is the result of a snag or a weakness that has been there even before you actually bought it. If it is small enough, you can attempt to make a repair and remove any evidence of the unraveling before it turns into a big problem. While it isn't possible to successfully repair every sweater that starts to come undone, it's worth the effort of learning how to fix it and giving it a try on your own.


Things You'll Need

  • Crotchet needle

  • Clear nail polish

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Step 1

Buy a small crotchet hook if you don't already have one. A size 5 hook is suitable for repairing a sweater that has begun to unravel.

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Step 2

Pull the sweater so that it is inside out.

Step 3

Stick the hook into the sweater at the section that is unraveling. Because the sweater is inside out, you'll be pushing the needle from the inside to the front side.

Step 4

Hook the unraveling yarn with the crotchet hook, and pull it back through the sweater so that it is on the inside nearest you.


Step 5

Create a loop using the yarn and then pull the free end through it. This will create a knot in the yarn.

Step 6

Dab the knot with clear fingernail polish or some form of clear liquid adhesive such as liquid ravel preventer. Leave it to dry completely before turning the sweater right side out.


If a large section of thread has unraveled, repair by a professional may be required.



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