How to Draw on the PC With a Mouse

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PC drawing programs enable one-click color fills while staying in the lines.

The power of computer imaging has made many of the most difficult techniques of drawing much easier. Proper proportion, lighting effects, shadowing, textures and so forth are often easily handled by imaging software than by hand drawing. While most computer-based graphic artists use tablet and pen applications, many beginners, and those not yet sure they enjoy drawing on the PC, use the mouse to make their images. The operation simply requires an imaging program, such as MS Paint, and a steady hand with the mouse.


Step 1

Click the Windows orb. Type "paint" into the search box and hit "Enter" to open Paint on the PC. This program comes standard with the Windows operating system.

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Step 2

Click "File" and then "New" to open a blank page within the program.

Step 3

Click the pencil or brush icon to choose how the line should look. The pencil creates thin, hard lines, while the brushes add thickness and various curving effects to the drawing. Alternatively, click flood fill, indicated by a paint bucket icon, or various shapes indicated by icons of their shapes, such as a rectangle or oval.


Step 4

Place the mouse cursor over the place where the drawn line should begin. Hold the left button down and move the mouse in any direction. The line follows the mouse movement across the blank canvas.

Step 5

Release the left button when the line is finished. Repeat as needed to complete the drawing.


Drawing with a mouse uses a different set of muscle movements than drawing by hand, so don't be surprised if you're either a better or worse artist by hand or by mouse. As with all other art, skill develops through practice.

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