How to Remove a Bolens Lawn Mower Deck

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket set

  • Ratchet wrench

Bolens is an American company that makes lawn and garden equipment. Bolens was originally an independent company but was acquired by MTD. MTD manufactures products under Yard-Man, Cub Cadet and Troybilt nameplates, as well. The mower deck on the Bolens lawn tractor contains belt-driven cutting blades. The deck may have to be removed for maintenance or repair.


Step 1

Turn off the cutting blade engagement switch on the tractor's dashboard. Move the deck adjustment lever on the left fender to the left and slide it to the lowest notch. Find the metal bracket over the pulley on the underside of the engine that keeps the deck belt from slipping off. Remove the retaining screws from the bracket with a socket and ratchet. Lower the bracket and place it aside. Slide the mower deck belt off the engine pulley.


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Step 2

Find the pins that attach the mower deck to the underside of the tractor. Pull out the safety retainers from the pins on models with a 38-inch deck and pull the pins straight out. Pull out on the spring-loaded deck-retaining pins on models with 42- and 46-inch mower decks. Repeat for each side of the mower deck.


Step 3

Raise the deck height adjustment lever to its highest notch. Slide a 38-inch mower deck forward to guide its hooks off the front deck stabilizer. Remove the safely pin from the deck stabilizer bar at the front of the deck on 42- and 46-inch models and slide the bar from the bracket on the deck.


Step 4

Slide the safety pin from the power take-off cable at the rear of the mower deck. Slide the cable straight up and out of the bracket. Slide the spring off the cable.

Step 5

Slide the mower deck from under the left side of the tractor.


The mower deck can be re-installed back in the reverse order of removal.


The numerous safety clips that secure the mower deck should be installed from the top downward upon installation of the deck. Otherwise, the clip could fall out, causing the deck to become detached from the tractor while in use.