How to Remove a Kohler Flywheel

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench and set

  • Flywheel holder

  • 3-arm gear puller

Remove the flywheel from your Kohler engine on your lawn mower or small machine.

Before you rebuild your Kohler small engine, you need to know how to properly disassemble the engine. One component of the engine that is difficult to remove without the instructions is the flywheel. The flywheel is wedged and bolted onto the top of the engine's crankshaft and needs a few special tools and an assistant to remove it. Removing the flywheel yourself will save you a mechanics fee.


Step 1

Remove the engine shroud covering the flywheel on the top of the engine. There are six to eight bolts holding the shroud on top of the flywheel you will need to unscrew with the proper sized sockets.

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Step 2

Fit the flywheel holder over the outer fins on the top of the flywheel. Have an assistant fit the proper sized socket on the center flywheel nut and unscrew the nut while you hold the flywheel solid with the flywheel holder.


Step 3

Slide the three arms on the gear puller under the bottom side of the flywheel. Tighten the center bolt of the puller with the proper sized socket over the crankshaft the flywheel nut was screwed onto. Tighten the center bolt of the gear puller until the upward pressure on the puller arms pop the flywheel free.


Step 4

Remove the flywheel and grab the flywheel key from the crankshaft under the flywheel. Set the flywheel key, flywheel nut and flywheel in a safe place until you replace them later.


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