How to Crochet a Large Dog Sweater for Beginners

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Crochet hook to fit yarn size

  • Dog to try sweater on as you make it

  • Two 1-inch buttons

Easy-to-crochet dog sweaters can be embellished with crocheted items.

You can find patterns to make an easy dog sweater, but you can never really know exactly how easy the pattern is going to be. If you are a beginner and you want to make a large dog sweater, you have a lot of work to do, and you want it to be easy and fast. Keep your dog handy as you make the crocheted sweater so that you can try it for fit as you make it. For simplicity, the sweater can have a chest strap and a belly strap, and no sleeves.


Step 1

Crochet a chain long enough to reach from the top of the dog's armpit on one side to the top of the dog's armpit on the other side. Drape the chain over the dog's back and neck just about where the collar lies. Do not stretch the chain when you check the length.

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Step 2

Chain three and double-crochet into the fourth stitch from the hook.

Step 3

Double-crochet all the way across the chain. After making the last double-crochet, turn the work. Chain three and double-crochet in a second double-crochet from the end of the previous row.

Step 4

Continue making rows of double-crochet until your coat is the length of the dog from the area where its collar lies to the top of the hip in the back. Tie the yarn off and weave the ends in.


Step 5

Attach yarn to the right front corner of the dog coat. Single-crochet in each chain you made previously until you have two or three inches stitched up the front edge from the corner. Turn your work and chain three. Double-crochet in the second stitch from the last single-crochet you made. Double-crochet across to the end. Turn and chain three. Double-crochet in a second stitch from the last double-crochet you made. Chain three counts as the first double-crochet. Continue stitching across, back and forth, until you have a chest band that reaches from the front right corner across the dog's chest to the front left corner. Slip-stitch the leading edge to the front left corner of the coat, where you first made your chain.


Step 6

Place the dog coat over the dog's head and check the chest strap again for fit. If the chest strap is too large or too small, remove slip-stitches, adjusting the length by adding or taking away stitches. Slip-stitch the chest strap back in place.

Step 7

Place the coat on the dog and smooth it down the back. Locate the point where the belly strap should be attached by locating the area on the coat nearest the last rib. Look at this position and make sure the dog will be able to move around freely and take care of business outside without soiling the coat. Attach yarn to this right side at this point on the dog coat.


Step 8

Single-crochet yarn to the side of the coat at the belly-strap location you selected. Make the belly strap the same number of stitches wide as you made the chest strap. When the belly strap is wide enough, chain three, turn your work and double-crochet into the next to last single-crochet. Double-crochet across the belly-strap area. Turn and chain three. Double-crochet into the next to last previous double-crochet. Double-crochet across the belly strap. Turn and chain three; double-crochet across. Continue until the belly strap reaches the far side of coat. It will not be as long as you might think. Try the coat on often to check how long the belly strap needs to be.


Step 9

When the belly strap is the correct length, tie the yarn off and weave the ends in. Tie off securely so that the corner can be used for buttoning.

Step 10

Sew two buttons to the opposite edge of the coat where the belly strap meets it. Slide the two corner double-crochets over the buttons. The coat is complete.


Do not leave the dog unattended with the sweater on. Dogs can wriggle around inside sweaters and become trapped.


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