How to Keep My PUR Faucet Mount Filter on the Faucet

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The PUR faucet filter is one way to enjoy clean filtered water without the bottle. The PUR system filters out many of the contaminants that are usually found in tap water. Installing a PUR filter assembly is a straightforward process when the filter attaches directly to the faucet. If you are having problems installing the system or it will not stay mounted to the faucet, chances are the faucet requires one of the PUR adapters.


Step 1

Remove the faucet aerator from the end of the faucet spout. The faucet aerator is the part of the spout that contains the screen and flow restrictor. The aerator can usually be turned by hand counterclockwise. Use a pair of slip joint pliers to turn the aerator if necessary and remove it from the faucet.

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Step 2

Locate the adapter that fits the end of your faucet spout. There are two male adapters, two female adapters and two washers that come with the PUR faucet filter kit. If you do not have the adapters, they are available where you purchased the filter kit.

Step 3

Insert the washer into the inside of the male adapter if you need to use the male adapter. Female adapters require placing the washer on the inside of the faucet spout.


Step 4

Thread the adapter into the end of the faucet spout until you can no longer turn it with your fingers. Insert a coin into the two slots under the adapter and turn the adapter until it's tight.

Step 5

Line up the filter faucet base of the PUR filter system to the adapter and turn it clockwise until it is tight.


Some PUR filters simply snap onto the adapter. Pull down on the collar on the base and insert it over the adapter. Release the collar to secure the PUR filter to the faucet. Replace filters once the indicator light on the assembly shows red.

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