How to Remove the Foot Board From a Bed

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Remove a foot board to emphasize the characteristics of a head board.

Foot boards on beds can make it uncomfortable for taller individuals to sleep at night. A foot board is an attractive piece of a bed, but when it is used in addition to a metal frame, the foot board is primarily a decorative component. If you no longer desire the foot board on the bed, you can remove it easily.


Step 1

Remove all the sheets and pillows from the bed. Leaving them on could result in wrinkling and possibly tears in the sheets.

Step 2

Remove the mattress from the bed frame. Have a friend help lift up the mattress and set aside in a safe place. Removing the mattress will expose the connection point for the foot board and the bed frame.

Step 3

Place a wrench around the bolt heads on the metal frame. Make sure the bolts are those securing the foot board in place. This is typically shown by the bolt heads being located within the frame with the bolt end extending out into the foot board.


Step 4

Turn the wrench around the bolt head to loosen the hold on the foot board. Loosen all bolts holding the foot board onto the metal frame.

Step 5

Remove the bolts on the metal frame with the wrench. Work from the center out toward each end when removing the bolts. Have a friend hold the foot board during the removal process.

Step 6

Lift the foot board from the metal frame. Replace mattress, sheets and pillows.