How to Use & Open a Krazy Glue Pen

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Krazy Glue is a fast-drying, strong adhesive used for bonding objects together. The glue works on a variety of surface types such as glass, metal, rubber, wood, plastic and leather. According to the Krazy Glue website (, the adhesive works in as little as 30 seconds. Krazy Glue has a variety of product formulas and applicators including the Instant Krazy Glue Pen, which allows you to pinpoint certain areas to ensure accuracy, especially when repairing fragile or delicate items.


Step 1

Take the Krazy Glue Pen out of the package and twist off the top, turning it counter-clockwise until it comes off and exposes the white point of the glue pen.

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Step 2

Thoroughly clean and dry the area you want to apply the glue. Grease and dirt on the surface will cause the glue to bond with the grease or dirt instead of the surface.

Step 3

Put the Krazy Glue Pen directly to the area you want to apply the glue. Push the pointed end of the pen down on the intended application area. When you apply pressure to the point, the push-n-glue applicator releases a small stream of glue to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

Step 4

Finish applying the Krazy Glue to the first surface in need of repair, connect the other piece or part of the surface. Hold the pieces together and apply a little pressure for about 30 seconds until the glue bonds the pieces together.


If you get glue on your skin, soak the bonded area in acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone and slowly peel or roll your skin apart as the glue contains a strong bonding that is nearly impossible to break when pulling apart.

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