Chinese Good Luck Knot Instructions

One way to wish good fortune to someone is by giving that person a Chinese good luck knot. This knot is a traditional Chinese handicraft that is used as decorations in clothing, costumes, festivals and even in houses. A lot of these good luck knots have several variations such as the triangular, hexagonal, pentagonal and square good luck knot. Making a square good luck knot is simple and quick to do.

The Chinese good luck knot has many variations, including the square knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper

  • Pencil or scissors for punching holes

  • Cord

Step 1

Take a small piece of construction paper and poke four holes into the center. The holes will look like a diamond and should be of equal distance from each other. This will serve as your paper template in making your square good luck knot.

Step 2

Fold your cord into half, making the two loose ends meet. Insert the loose ends into the top hole and out of the bottom hole of your paper template. You will have a bight on the upper hole and the loose ends on the lower hole. In knot tying, a bight means a loop end of a cord or rope. Make the two side bights by inserting the cord into the left and right holes .Your cord will look like a cross with three bights, one on top and two on the sides, and the loose ends at the bottom.

Step 3

Bend the upper bight towards the left bight. Make the left bight go over the upper bight and the loose ends. Place the loose ends over the left bight while bending it towards the right bight.

Step 4

Make the right bight go over the loose ends and under the upper bight. Make the knots fit tightly to the paper template. These are the steps to make the lower layer, which is called crowning, of your good luck knot. Your work will now look like an inverted cross with one bight at the bottom and two at the sides.

Step 5

Bend the loose ends towards the right bight. Fold the right bight over the loose ends and lower bight. Bring the lower bight over the right bight while bending it towards the left bight. Make the left bight go over the bottom bight and under the loose ends. You are actually doing the opposite of what you did with the lower layer.

Step 6

Secure the knot snugly to the paper template. You have finished making your knots. Tear your paper template off the cord. Your square good luck knot will have two squared layers at the center and three big loops, one on top and two on the sides. Four smaller loops which look like petals are in between the big loops.