How to Freeze Nacho Cheese Sauces

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Freeze leftover cheese sauce for later use.

Nachos with cheese sauce makes a great snack for every occasion and it also has the added bonus of being easy to make at home. This can become problematic, however, if you guests don't finish the entire amount of cheese. Many people don't like to waste food, but there is only so much you can do with large amounts of nacho cheese sauce. Thankfully, you can freeze this sauce for later use and thaw it again later when needed.


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Step 1

Separate the nacho cheese sauce into portions. For example, if you have five pounds of nacho cheese sauce, you could separate the cheese into five one pound servings, or however much you plan to consume in a future sittings. This will help prevent having to refreeze the sauce, which can cause loss of quality if done many times.

Step 2

Place the cheese sauce in an airtight container and close properly. If not closed correctly, air can come in contact with the cheese and cause freezer burn.


Step 3

Place the cheese sauce in your freezer. If your freezer has a "quick-freeze" shelf, this can use to help speed up the process, though it isn't necessary.

Step 4

Thaw your nacho cheese sauce by taking it out of the freezer the day before you plan to use it. Place the sauce in your fridge and wait until it thaws. This can take several hours to a day depending on the amount of cheese. The sauce may appear oddly colored, but this is normal. When freezing cheese sauce, the oils can separate causing an odd appearance. To fix this, simply stir well when reheating in the microwave.