How to Troubleshoot Jacuzzi Jet Pressure

Weak Jacuzzi jets will lessen the relaxing experience.

You fill up your Jacuzzi tub and climb in only to find that the jets have barely any pressure. With such weak jets, you aren't experiencing the relaxing massaging effects of a Jacuzzi as they are intended. Jet pressure problems can be caused by incorrect Jacuzzi settings or dirty and clogged filters. To improve your spa experience, troubleshoot the Jacuzzi tub to find the source of the jet pressure problem. It may be repaired by just a few button presses or more complicated methods.

Checking Jets and Settings

Step 1

Turn the jets to the full "on" position. Jacuzzi tubs allow you to change the pressure for each jet. You can even turn off jets completely. Turn the plate surrounding the jet counterclockwise to open it all the way. Perform this task with all Jacuzzi jets. If this solves your pressure problem, you don't need to move on.

Step 2

Find the main control panel for the Jacuzzi. Press the button labeled "JETS 1." This will turn pump #1 off and on. If it was off, pressing this button will turn it on and solve the jet pressure problem.

Step 3

Turn on all the air controls to add more air and pressure to the jets. To turn it on, press the Jacuzzi symbol on each button. Press the side of the button without a symbol to turn it off.

Cleaning Filters

Step 1

Turn off the power to the Jacuzzi to avoid electrical mishaps while cleaning out the filters.

Step 2

Lift the Jacuzzi filter compartment door. Pull it toward you to gain access to the filters.

Step 3

Unclip the skimmer bag. Rinse it out and remove any debris stuck to the bag. Replace it in the filter compartment.

Step 4

Turn each filter cartridge counterclockwise to remove it from the housing. Submerge the filter cartridges in clean water to rinse out debris. While under water, tilt the cartridges to a 45 degree angle to release any trapped air bubbles that may be affecting jet pressure.

Step 5

Replace the filter cartridges, turning them clockwise to secure them in place. Push the filter compartment door back into place until you hear a click.

Step 6

Turn on the Jacuzzi and test jet pressure. If the pressure problems were caused by clogged filters, the pressure should be good now.


If the skimmer bag or filters are too dirty to clean, replace them.


Don't work on your Jacuzzi beyond your own mechanical or electrical knowledge. Consult a technician to repair problems beyond your knowledge base.