How to Change Batteries in Laserlyte Bore Sighters

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The Laserlyte bore sighter is one way to sight your scope accurately without firing a shot. The Laserlyte uses a laser beam and mounts in the barrel of your rifle. The laser beam operates through the power of three batteries, similar to watch batteries. Over time the batteries become weak, and so does the laser beam. Changing the batteries in a Laserlyte bore sighter involves simply removing the power switch from the unit.


Step 1

Rotate the switch to the "On" position with your finger. The switch doubles as the battery compartment for the Laserlyte bore sighter.

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Step 2

Push the switch toward the front of the bore sighter. Lift the rear of the switch up and carefully remove it from the bore sighter. The end of the switch/battery compartment on the laser side is open.


Step 3

Shake the batteries out of the battery compartment and into the palm of your hand. Insert three new A-76 batteries into the battery compartment with the positive side of each battery going in first.

Step 4

Slide the open side of the switch/battery compartment into the front end of the bore sighter. Press the rear of the compartment into the bore sighter.

Step 5

Turn the switch/battery compartment to the "Off" position.

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